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Organizational Structure That Support Strategic Initiatives

Organizational Structure
  • Organizational employees must work closely together to develop strategic initiative that create competitive advantages.
  • Ethics and security are two fundamentals building blocks that organizations must base their business upon.
IT Role and Resposibilities
  • Information technology is a relatively new functional area, having only been around formally for around 40 years.
  • Recent IT related strategic positions :

             * Chief Information Officer (CIO)
                    - Overseas all uses of IT and ensures the strategic alignment of IT with business goals
                       and objectives.

                 * Broad CIO functions include :
                        - Manager - ensuring the delivery of all IT projects on time and within budget
                        - Leader - ensuring the strategic vision of IT is in linewith the strategic vision of the 
                        - Communicator - building and maintaining strong executive relationship.
  • Average CIO compensation by industry.

  • What concerns CIOs the most.

             * Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
                      - Responsible for ensuring the throughput, speed, accuracy, availability, and reliability
                         of IT.

             * Chief Security Officer (CSO)
                     - Responsible for ensuring the security of IT systems.

             * Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)
                     - Responsible for ensuring the ethical and legal use of information.

             * Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)
                     - Responsible for collecting, maintaining, and distributing the organization's knowledge.
  • Skills pivotal for sucess in executive IT roles

The Gap Between Business Personnel and IT Personnel
  • Business personnel possess expertise in functional areas such as marketing, accounting and sales.
  • IT personnel have the technological expertise.
  • This typically causes a communications gap between the business personnel an IT personnel
Improving Communications

  • Business personnel must seek to increase their understanding of IT.
  • IT personnel must seek to increase their understanding of the business.
  • It is the responsibility of the CIO to ensure effective communication between business personnel and IT personnel.
Organizational Fundamentals-Ethics and Security
  • Ethics and security are two fundamental building blocks that organizations must base theit business on to be sucessful.
  • In recent years, such events as the Enron and Martha Stewart, along with 9/11 have shed new light on the meaning of ethics  and security.

  • Ethics - the principles and standards thaht guide our behaviour toward other people.
  • Privacy is a major ethical issues
                 *Privacy - the right to be left alone when you want to be, to have control over your own
                                    personel possessions, and not to be observedd without your consent.
  • Issues affected by technology advances

                * Intellectual property
                          - Intangible creative work that is embodied in 
                            physical form.

             * Copyright
                       - The legal protection afforded an expression 
                          of an idea, such as song, video game, and
                          some types of proprietary documents.               


            *Fair use doctrine
                    - In certain situations, it is legal to
                       use copyrighted materials.                       

           * Pirated software
                  - The unauthorized use, duplication,
                     distribution, or sale of copyrighted

          * Counterfeit software
                 - Software that is manufactured to                                   
                    look like the real thing and sold

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